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I greatly enjoy working with people on exploring who they are and what they want to cultivate in their life to increase their happiness, confidence, agency, and quality of life.

My undergraduate studies involved majors in Psychology & Sociology with a minor in LGBT Studies. In 2010, I graduated from Adelphi University with a Master of Arts in Mental Health Counseling. The primary philosophies, perspectives, and theories that influence my work are Humanistic Psychology, Jungian Analysis, Systems Theory, Queer Theory and Third-Wave Feminism, Moral Relativism, and Integrative Psychology. Clinical experience includes work as an outreach therapist, substance abuse counselor, team manager, supervisor, and private practice clinician. I utilize and coach methods aligned with the following models of therapy: Client-Centered, Cognitive Behavioral (CBT), Dialectical Behavior (DBT), Internal Family Systems (IFS), Harm Reduction, Trauma Narrative, Existential and Holistic Therapy.

As a result of my background, education, training, interests, and experiences I strive to always use a dual Psychological and Sociological lens to assess the impact that micro-, mezzo- and macro-spaces have on a person’s development, identity, and understanding of the world around them. I consider this exploration vital for all persons to be able to ascertain and determine if they are working towards a life that is authentic to them and their goals rather than a life that is weighted by external factors not understood or a life without mindful insight about one’s own thoughts, beliefs, and decision making process.

I identify as a currently able-bodied, cis-bodied, queer, married, neuro-divergent man who provides therapy that strives to improve on its ability to be affirming and safe to all peoples who identify as being “othered” by society.

Thank you for reading,

Jeremy J. Darling, LMHC, CST


LMHC #8604 – Massachusetts Dept. of Public Health

MH #15350 – Florida Board of CSW/MFT/MHC

Certified Sex Therapist – AASECT



P.O. Box 996
Boylston, MA 01505


Monday10 AM – 7 PM
*Tuesday10 AM – 5 PM*
Wednesday11 AM – 7 PM
Thursday11 AM – 7 PM
Friday11 AM – 6 PM
*Saturday10 AM – 2 PM*


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