The waitlist is currently OPEN to new clients seeking therapy. 

Individual Therapy

Substance Abuse

Sexual Health
Gender Identity/Expression
Relationships and Boundaries

Borderline Personality
Dissociative Identity Disorder

My style of individual therapy draws from a humanistic perspective and expects interactive engagement to identify needs, goals, and relative structure that best serves to meet you therapeutically and encourage changes that support your mental health. Consideration of how much black & white and binary systems of thinking may negatively impact one’s ability to make positive changes will be referenced and challenged to help define and affirm a person’s goals and steps to shape growth. Through copings skills and interventions drawn from Humanistic, Dialectical Behavior Therapy, Sensate Focus, Internal Family Systems, Psycho-dynamic, and Trauma-Narrative sources I strive to create spaces that allow a client to reflect and process as much root understanding of their own problems as possible while working to improve functionality and quality of life holistically.

Questions to ask before, during, and after individual therapy that help shape the experience include:

  • What is my immediate/long-term goal for my mental/emotional/spiritual health?
  • What feedback from therapy has been helpful/neutral/unhelpful?
  • What relationship do I have with my body and how is that affecting my mental health?
  • What changes in my social constellation do I feel I need with regard to boundaries, expectations, and vulnerability?
  • Whom do I trust, and what kind of transparency do I experience in my life?

Couples Therapy



Gender Roles
Relationship Structure

Couples therapy is primarily done with a systemic lens attached to the process and investigates factors of origin to provide context to dynamic tensions in the relationship. Those interested in couples therapy should know that the full intake process involves an initial meeting with both parties, followed by individual sessions with each partner, and a fourth session attended by all parties to determine history, culture, goals, focuses, intentions, and steps/structure of your therapy experience. 

Topics to be expected in a couples therapy intake involve:

  • Family of origin and current family constellation
  • Patterns of communication known and language styles learned throughout life
  • Sexuality and one’s relationship to it throughout development
  • Insight into one’s partner’s emotional state.

All appointments are scheduled for 60 min.

A client is free to shorten or end a session early if needed for any reason; additional time is granted on a case/need/availability basis.

Rates & Fees

Intake – $250

Couples Therapy – $200

Individual therapy – $160

Consultation – $80 per 30 min

– 20% discount granted for direct payment –

Sliding scale is granted to those unable to utilize insurance and who experience financial instability. Levels of discount exist depending on factors such as employment status, income level, number of dependents, temporary displacement/hardship, etc.

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