Summer Bulletin

August First marks a mid-point between the Summer Solstice and the Fall Equinox and is designated as Lughnassad or Lammas in the Wheel of the Year. This time marks the start of the harvest season and begins a three month phase that endeavors to gather and organize the gains of the year as well as set intention for the remainder of the season. Recommendations at this time involve preparing for shifts and enjoying whatever productivity, growth, development, or prosperity is felt in one’s life at this time.

This year has marked a lot of growth for me and my practice, challenges, and exciting new avenues of engagement in the community. I am working to support new therapists as a supervisor and trainer to ensure more people have access to quality therapy that protects the needs and concerns of culturally marginalized communities. 

Goals at this time include restructuring my schedule and providing time for engagement as an educator and trainer on matters relating to sex therapy and gender diversity. Feedback is encouraged at this time to guide development of what is wanted in the way of more material, resources, links, or services delivered through this website. 

Meanwhile I hope that everyone is able to find some semblance of peace and enjoyment of the season and that struggles and obstacles are being re-examined and addressed from different angles so that we all have a chance to enjoy a more fruitful year to come!

Happy August!

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