April Flowers

As the month of April unfolds we can take time to appreciate the opportunity to be outdoors, engage in gardening, or work to cultivate changes and growth that can be demonstrated all around. A trip to the Botanic Garden, or even just visiting a local park allows for an opportunity to appreciate the changing weather and affirming experience that Spring provides.

However, this Spring seems to be a rather heavy season for many: current events, political legislation, and general continuation of monologues that do not lend themselves to progressive dialogue seems to overwhelm media at this time.

Exhaustion from the winter has been affecting many, mindless engagement with substances has been a common topic of reflection, and general planning for the upcoming weeks/months has the potential to overwhelm some. Recommendations include taking stock of your behaviors and patterns, identifying what goals you may have at this time, and finding ways to re-invigorate yourself as we all collectively shake off the low energy of winter.

The occurrence of major celestial events hallmarks certain traditions for the Abrahamic Religions as the first full moon after the equinox indicates Passover and the following Sunday is celebrated for Easter followed by Eid-al-Fitr in correlation to the new moon which marks the close of Ramadan this year. Secular occasions of Earth Day and Arbor Day close out the month and request us to consider tree-planting and ecological efforts to protect the planet.

All of these celebrations correlate to the theme of Spring, gratitude for the end of Winter and its dormancy effect ending to mark new beginnings; and with that in mind I hope everyone is finding some positive focus and hope for a healthy engagement with cycles and starting things that serve us to heal and grow.

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