Spring Bulletin

This Spring marks the launch of this website and the development of an online presence for which I am hopeful achieves a few goals:

  1. Educate on matters relating to gender, sexuality, and other topics
  2. Help more people engage with a diverse pool of quality therapists through the Therapist Network page
  3. Provide support to clients in managing their symptoms with a growing language of coping skills and resources
  4. Encourage discussions in people’s therapy as a result of material found on the website and the links it provides

I hope this tool serves my practice and my client’s in a holistic way that improves all of our collective ability to care for self, care for others, and make changes for a better and more authentic future.

As Spring unfolds I often recommend clients to take advantage of the season and consider what outdoor options are available to them to feel refreshed. Even if not going outdoors, consider what can encourage a degree of activity that feels like renewal, rebirth, or regeneration in order to challenge any stagnation negatively affecting one’s mood, motivation, or sense of direction. It has a been an emotionally draining season for many and I am hopeful that the upcoming season gives us more than flowers; something that helps us feel healthy and strong, able to grow.

Change is hard and I hope this new cycle brings some positive shifts to your mental health.

Also, P!nk dropped some new music:

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