The following trainings are aligned with AASECT codes of conduct and ethics providing education for therapists and those interested in learning more about sex therapy and the work done to support the transgender community and other marginalized groups. A Certified Sex Therapist, with experience working in the Worcester area, will be facilitating all trainings.

Trainings will be provided online Tuesdays 3 PM-6PM EST unless otherwise specified with a slated schedule to begin in March 2024. For scheduling an in-person group training please email directly.

  1. Ethics of Sex Therapy

Examination of current ethical practices in providing sex therapy, concerns and pitfalls, biases that affect the therapeutic relationship, engagement with minors and informed parental consent. This training is recommended for any person who has yet to take an ethics course specific to providing sex therapy or working with gender diverse individuals. more…

  1. Queer Theory and Gender Therapy

Review of theories and lenses regarding gender in modern society, binary and expansive concepts of gender identity/expression, and examination of the intersection of gender and sexuality. This training is foundational for developing comprehensive insight to meet the needs of gender diverse individuals and transgender persons seeking therapeutic support/evaluation for readiness to transition.

  1. Gender Inclusive Language and Communication

Review of terminology and languages used for best practice for engaging with gender diverse individuals and those who are questioning their gender identity. This course will include targeted understanding of framing, evaluating, and communicating a person’s preparedness and mental/emotional/social readiness to begin permanent transitioning in the form of cross-sex hormone treatment.

  1. Family Interventions for Gender Diverse Minors

Techniques for engaging family members of a gender diverse minor for which unique challenges for therapists may exist and often demand a dual presentation of languages. Conceptualization of cis-gender default lensing in language juxtaposed to trans-inclusive language, validation of multiple viewpoints, and negotiation towards safe and effective development of relationships are the primary focuses of this training.

  1. Transgender Affirming Healthcare

Review of the World Professional Association of Transgender Health (WPATH) guidelines for stages and steps to screen individuals through varying levels of development both before and after the age of majority. Social transitioning, puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones, and surgical treatments will be reviewed.

  1. Masculinity and Sexuality

Trends, biases, and cultural tensions for male identified persons and their sexuality. Transgender inclusivity, toxic masculinity, performance anxiety, and body insecurity are among the topics that will be reviewed.

  1. Religion and Sexuality

Religiously informed cultural stigmas and how they affect engagement in therapeutic settings to support sexual health and insight on the intersection of sexuality and gender.

  1. Cultural Differences Affecting Sex Therapy

Investigation of therapist bias, client insights, and tension between relationships for which a shared cultural identity does not exist. Concepts of engaging and learning about the needs of others and awareness of racial discrepencies will be a targeted part of this training.

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