Autumnal Equinox

This weekend marks the equinox, the solar end of Summer and the beginning of the Fall season in the Northern Hemisphere. Daylight and night swap and the amount of sunlight continues to decrease each day as we march towards the Winter Solstice. This is a good time for rituals, self-care, and mindful awareness of Seasonal Affective Disorder patterns that may or may not affect you and those around you.

Due to the increased lack of sunlight, people tend to get more depressive and find themselves having lower motivation to engage in social activities or healthy behaviors overall. It is important to find positive focuses during the Fall season, make plans, and engage in mindful behaviors that work to support your health or practice moderation in any shifts in your patterns. Regular utilization of opportunities to be outside in the sunlight, use of sun lamp, limited use of tanning salons are self-care activities to consider in managing one’s seasonal depression. Additionally, any project that helps organize, set intentions, prepare for winter, or otherwise engage you in a “harvesting” mindset can be helpful in aligning yourself with the environment around you.

Enjoy your spices and flavors this season, focus on celebrations with those you enjoy, and find positive focuses to celebrate who you are.

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